Posted: December 20, 2008 in Uncategorized

Kanon Wakeshima (分島 花音 Wakeshima Kanon) is a japanese singer and cellist.  She is produced by Mana (Malice Mizer and Moi dix mois frontman) and debuted with her first single, “Still Doll”, on May 28th, 2008. “Still Doll” was used as the ending theme for the anime Vampire knight.

Wakeshima has also provided the voice for the maid in episode eight of Vampire Knight , and the ending theme for the second season, Suna no Oshiro (砂のお城)

Wakeshima has played the cello since she was three years old and began playing in string ensembles in middle school. By the age of fifteen she had participated in a number of joint concerts and classical music performances. She began to write her own music towards the end of middle school and performed as a vocalist for the first time in senior high school.

She attended an audition at Sony Music Entertainment and passed, signing a deal with Sony’s  Defstar’s records.

Mana as the producer said that her single “still doll” is present techno gothic, ambient in his blog.

hm..i have heard still doll and kuroi torikago.i can feel gothic temptation within draws me in.

it’s such a great music..

download the mp3 @ http://www.jrock-paradise.blogspot

enjoy it.

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