Last Alliance’s new album

Posted: April 27, 2011 in last alliance
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just checked Last Alliance website. they will release new album on June 2011

“for staying real blue”
songs list

01. in my hand
02. Revolution is starting
03. カポネのボルサリーノ
04. スロートワート (slow toward)
05. One
06. 虹vs飛行機雲
07. 剣戟の響き
08. deandre
09. 僕信論
10. Redesign
11. μ
12. stardoubt
13. エンプティハート ( empty heart )
14. Precious line
15. 静寂の中、その矢は放物線を描く
16. 一握りの青
17. Melancholy

well. there is bonus dvd “Keep on smashing blue, Release Party”@下北沢SHELTER(2010.12.3)

i don’t know why melancholy is included in this album, since it was an old song from IO (maxi) single.

i hope it will be nice album. hmm.. enjoy XD

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